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Jerry Blackford

Jerry Blackford


Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Ecosystem modelling, OA and climate change, benthic systems

Jerry Blackford is a band 4 merit scientist specialising in marine ecosystem modelling especially the impacts of high CO2 on marine systems, in the context of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification as well as leading environmental monitoring and risk assessment research for Carbon Capture and Storage. He has been a principle investigator in >25 national and EU scientific projects. He currently leads QICS, a consortium project addressing CCS, and the UKOA project investigating the evolution of ocean acidification in shelf seas. He is also a PI in the benthic, modelling and blue carbon work packages of the Shelf Seas Biogeochemistry program.

He has 23 years experience of interpreting and quantifying marine system function and its relationship with the physical environment by developing mathematical models and promoting coupled complex models as a methodology for heuristic and predictive studies. He has published >40 peer reviewed papers with >800 citations. He regularly provides advice to UK government departments (e.g. Defra), international organisations (e.g. ICES, IPCC), industry and environmental NGOs on issues related to climate change and CCS. He is also a founding co-I on the UK CCS Research Centre leading the environment research theme.

Selected Publications

Jerry Blackford, Henrik Stahl, Jonathan M. Bull, Benoît J.P. Bergès, Melis Cevatoglu, Anna Lichtschlag, Douglas Connelly, Rachael H. James, Jun Kita, Dave Long, Mark Naylor, Kiminori Shitashima, Dave Smith, Peter Taylor, Ian Wright, Maxine Akhurst, Baixin Chen, Tom M. Gernon, Chris Hauton, Masatoshi Hayashi, Hideshi Kaieda, Timothy G. Leighton, Toru Sato, Martin D.J. Sayer, Masahiro Suzumura, Karen Tait, Mark E. Vardy, Paul R. White, Steve Widdicombe. Detection and impacts of leakage from sub-seafloor deep geological Carbon Dioxide Storage. Nature Climate Change, in press.

Talmy, D., Blackford, J., Hardman-Mountford, N.J., Polimene, L., Follows, M.J., Geider, R.J., 2014. Flexible C:N ratio enhances metabolism of large phytoplankton when resource supply is intermittent. Biogeosciences, 11, 4881-4895

Artioli, Y., J. C. Blackford, G. Nondal, R. G. J. Bellerby, S. L. Wakelin, J.T. Holt, M. Butenschön, and J. I. Allen. 2014. Heterogeneity of impacts of high CO2 on the North Western European Shelf. Biogeosciences 11, 601-612.

Flynn KJ, Blackford JC, Baird ME, Raven JA, Clark DR, Beardall J, Brownlee C, Wheeler GL, 2012. Changes in pH at the exterior surface of plankton with ocean acidification. Nature Climate Change DOI:10.1038/NClimate1489.

Blackford, J.C., 2010. Predicting the impacts of ocean acidification: Challenges from an ecosystem perspective, Journal of Marine Systems, 81, 12-18.

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