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Dr Yuri Artioli

Dr Yuri Artioli


Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Ecosystem modelling

Environmental Engineer by background, I’m a marine ecosystem modeller who’s particularly interested in studying the impact of global and anthropogenic changes to the marine ecosystem and the consequences of these on human society. I’m mostly focussing on the Low Trophic Levels of the food web and on the biogeochemical processes. My favourite tool is the Earth and Regional Sea Ecosystem Model (ERSEM) and his “little” brother DivERSEM: the latter is a new flavour of ERSEM that includes planktonic diversity and I’ve used it to study susceptibility of the shelf sea environment to planktonic Non-Indigenous Species. In the past I played also with trophic web model like Ecopath with Ecosim and with some Individual Based Model for elasmobranchs as well.

In MERP I will be developing further DivERSEM and the new platform module 6 will implement to study how biodiversity contribute in determining the ecosystem services provided by the North Western European Shelf.

Selected Publications

Artioli, Y., Blackford, J.C., Nondal, G., Bellerby, R.G.J., Wakelin, S.L., Holt, J.T., Butenschön, M., Allen, J.I. (2014) Heterogeneity of impacts of high CO2 on the North Western European Shelf. Biogeosciences 11, 601-612.

Chust, G., Allen, J.I., Bopp, L., Schrum, C., Holt, J., Tsiaras, K., Zavatarelli, M., Chifflet, M., Cannaby, H., Dadou, I., Daewel, U., Wakelin, S.L., Machu, E., Pushpadas, D., Butenschon, M., Artioli, Y., Petihakis, G., Smith, C., Garçon, V., Goubanova, K., Le Vu, B., Fach, B.A., Salihoglu, B., Clementi, E., Irigoien, X. (2014) Biomass changes and trophic amplification of plankton in a warmer ocean. Global Change Biology 20, 2124-2139.

Glibert, P.M., Allen, J.I., Artioli, Y., Beusen, A., Bouwman, L., Harle, J., R., H., Holt, J.T. (2014) Vulnerability of coastal ecosystems to changes in harmful algal bloom distribution in response to climate change: projections based on model analysis. Global Change Biology.

Wakelin, S.L., Holt, J., Blackford, J.C., Allen, J.I., Butenschön, M., Artioli, Y. (2012) Modeling the carbon fluxes of the northwest European continental shelf: Validation and budgets. Journal of Geophysical Research 117, C05020.

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