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Remi Vergnon

Remi Vergnon


University of Sheffield


Macroecology, coexistence theories 

I am a theoretical ecologist specialising in quantitative techniques (statistical analyses and simulation modelling with R and C++). My research has centred on exploring the functioning of complex terrestrial and marine systems using hypothesis-testing.

As a post doc within MERP  I liaise with other macroecologists within the consortium and with existing data holding institutes to create tools allowing easy access and analysis of marine UK data, using the statistical software R. I use those data sets to test the validity of macroecological hypotheses explaining how UK marine ecosystems have changed over the past decades under the many increasing pressures (fishing, eutrophication, climate change) they are experiencing. 

Selected Publications

Blanchard, JL, Coll, M., Trenkel, VM, Vergnon, R., Yemane, D., Jouffre, D., Link, JS,
and Shin, YJ. 2010. Trend analysis of indicators: a comparison of recent changes in the
status of marine ecosystems around the world. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 67: 732–

Vergnon, R. et al. Niches versus neutrality: uncovering the drivers of diversity in a species-rich community. 2009. Ecology Letters, 12: 1079-1090.