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Natalia Serpetti

Natalia Serpetti


SAMS - Scottish Association for Marine Science


Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) modelling and sampling design and collection

I am using modelling approaches to investigating the dynamics of marine ecosystems and the forces that regulate and affect it. Modelling provides insights into how ecosystem levels interact so that we can simulate and predict future scenarios of ecosystem functioning as a whole.
My personal research interests cover a wide range of the ecosystem levels from fish ecology to nutrient cycling.

• Ecosystem modelling using EwE software and regression modelling using R software.
• Univariate and multivariate analysis of macrofaunal diversity and community structure on seamounts.
• Mega- and macrofauna species distributions and diversity in relation to chemical, physical and geological factors and human disturbance in coastal and deep-waters.
• Influence of chemical, physical and geological factors on benthic nutrient and oxygen fluxes using regression modelling.
• Single and multi-beam acoustic ground discrimination systems: a tool for classifying benthic biotopes.
• Winter feeding habits of planktivorous fish in their nursery areas in Scotland paying particular attention to planktonic prey categories, selectivity and their effect on fish growing.
• Biology, distribution, trophic ecology and competition of coexisting fish in the deep continental shelf of the Mediterranean Sea.

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