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Dr Nicola Beaumont

Dr Nicola Beaumont


Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Ecosystem services,  Interdisciplinary science, environmental economics 

Dr Nicola Beaumont has >17 years’ experience working at the interface between natural sciences and socio-economics in national and international contexts, and > 10 years project and people management experience.  She is widely published, was co-author on the most highly cited marine ecosystem services paper (Worm et al. 2006 Science 314:787-90) and was the lead economist for marine and coastal margins for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA). She is currently a PI on: the ValMer project (Valuing ecosystem Services in the Western Channel),  which examines how improved marine ecosystem services assessment can support effective and informed marine management and planning; the PERSEUS project which aims to support the management of marine ecosystem services in southern European seas; she also leads PML’s socio-economic contribution to the Marine Management Organisation Framework agreement.. She sits on several international and national committees, covering academic and policy angles, including, leading the Marine Biome Expert Group for the International Ecosystem Services Partnership, is a member of the Productive Seas Evidence Group (PSEG) within UKMMAS, and is a member of the Advisory Council for the NERC Marine Renewable Energy Knowledge Exchange Programme and the Productive Seas Evidence Group (PSEG) with UKMAS.  

Selected Publications

Garrard S. L. and Beaumont N. J.  2014 The effect of ocean acidification on carbon storage and sequestration in seagrass beds; a global and UK context. Marine Pollution Bulletin, in press DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2014.07.032

Beaumont N.J., Jones, L., Garbutt, A., Hansom, J. D., Tobermann, M. The value of blue carbon sequestration and storage in coastal habitats. Estuarine and Coastal Shelf Science 2014. Vol 137,  pp. 32-40.

Mangi SC, Davies E, Payne A, Austen MC, Simmonds , Beaumont NJ, Smyth TJ, (2011). Valuing the regulatory services provided by marine ecosystems. Environmetrics, 22, 686 : 698

Beaumont N.J., M.C. Austen, J. Atkins, D. Burdon, S. Degraer, T.P. Dentinho, S. Derous, P. Holm, T. Horton, E. van Ierland, A. H. Marboe, D.J. Starkey, M. Townsend, T. Zarzycki. Identification, Definition and Quantification of Goods and Services provided by Marine Biodiversity: Implications for the Ecosystem Approach. Marine Pollution Bulletin 54 (2007) 253-265

Worm B., E. B. Barbier, N. Beaumont, J. E. Duffy, C. Folke, B. S. Halpern, J. B.C. Jackson, H. K. Lotze, F. Micheli, S. R. Palumbi, E. Sala, K. A. Selkoe, J. J. Stachowicz, R.Watson (2006). Impact of Biodiversity Loss on Ocean Ecosystem Services. Science, 314, 787 : 790 3rd November 2006.

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