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MERP Stakeholder Symposium

25th April 2018

The Royal Society, London

This meeting focused on 4 key themes, which included short presentations followed by panel discussion sessions:

More understanding – The MERP approach to generating scientific evidence from knowledge, data and tools. 

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Fishing and marine ecosystems – Addressing the different facets of fishing in the marine ecosystem using the MERP approach for evidence generation

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Marine top predators, people and policy – Generating evidence for assessing the status of, and risks to, marine ecosystems

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MERP, marine space and management – Using information of what is where, when and why to support evidence-based decision-making. 

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MERP Science Meeting 2018

26th April 2018

The Royal Society, London

Scientists from the Marine Ecosystems Research Programme presented highlights of their work over the past four years.

Some of the presentations are added below
Please note some elements in the presentations may be redacted for image copyright reasons.

Introduction presentation - Paul Somerfield


1. Linking data, models and ecosystem services

2. Modelling and the social dimension

3. Managing multiple stressors


4. Modelling the marine ecosystem

5. Functional biodiversity

6.Top-down and bottom-up effects

7. Food-webs

  • Blue carbon in deep coastal waters: the role and fate of seaweed detritus - Ana Queiros
  • Kelp: Contribution to coastal foodwebs - Mike Burrows
  • Comparing and contrasting the food webs of NW European fishing regions using the StrathE2E model - Mike Heath

8. Higher trophic levels


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Book of Abstracts

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