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Addressing Of Policy Questions By MERP

Analysis of results and publication of research can continue after research programmes finish, however, already MERP has produced outputs that are or have the potential for use within the policy and/or management setting, such as in OSPAR (MSY), MSFD (GES), the new CFP, ICES, Habitats Directive, Birds Directive, as well as the recently published marine section of the report, 'A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment’. As more papers are published and taken up by relevant stakeholders the impacts of MERP will become more widespread and influential for many years ahead. Some model contributions are included here, other less obvious but no less important model outputs and developments are reported through scientific papers - a full list is available via the MERP website.

This interactive infographic provides a broad overview of how MERP research fits with policy questions. Clicking one of the three categories below will take you to specific questions and show how MERP has addressed them.

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The interactive above gives an overview of how the programme has addressed policy questions. 

Visit the Policy and Management page to find out more information or download the leaflet which contains the information above in PDF form.

The interactive is best viewed on a desktop, if you have any issues with it displaying incorrectly you may need to use a more up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox