Professor Icarus Allen

Professor Icarus Allen

Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Broad range of experience both as a marine ecosystem modelling scientist and more recently as a senior manager.

Icarus’ scientific background is multidisciplinary, specialising in the numerical modelling of marine systems from individual cells to shelf wide ecosystems. Until recently, the overriding theme of his work has been the interfacing of biogeochemical process models with hydrodynamic models in 1, 2 and 3 dimensions and the analysis of the subsequent simulations. In general terms the focus of this work has been the coupled physical biogeochemical modelling of shelf seas, with a focus on the NW European Shelf.

More specifically this involves; operational ecosystem forecasting to develop operational plankton/ water quality forecasts, data assimilation and merging model/EO data products to predict HABs, model skill assessment, shelf seas ecosystem response to multiple drivers, both climate and anthropogenic, development of global shelf seas ecosystem models based on POLCOMS_ERSEM and the process modelling of climatically active marine biogases.

Selected Publications

Holt JT, Butenschon M, Wakelin SL, Artioli Y, Allen JI, (2012). Oceanic controls on the primary production of the northwest European continental shelf: model experiments under recent past conditions and a potential future scenario. Biogeosciences, 9, 97 : 117

Allen JI, (2011). Marine Environment & Human Health: An Overview; in Marine Environment and Human Health (Ed R Hester) Royal Society of Chemistry IEST Vol. 33.

Allen JI, Polimene L, (2011). Linking physiology to ecology: towards a new generation of plankton models. Journal of Plankton Research 33(7): 989-997.

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