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Dr Leigh Howarth

Dr Leigh Howarth


Bangor University


Marine/fisheries and ecology

Leigh Howarth is a marine ecologist with growing experience in surveying the marine environment. In the past there years, he has conducted over 350 scientific dives in UK waters, and has gained many hours at sea on scientific research vessels. To date, his research has focused on the effects of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on benthic communities and species of commercial interest, such as scallops and lobsters. He recently joined the MERP team to better understand how the size spectra of benthic and pelagic communities respond to varying levels of fishing pressure and primary productivity. 

Selected Publications

Howarth, L.M., Roberts, C.M., Hawkins, J.P., Steadman, D.J., Stewart, B. D. (2015) Effects of ecosystem protection on scallop populations within
a community led temperate marine reserve. Marine Biology DOI 10.1007/s00227-015-2627-7

Howarth, L.M., Pickup, S.E., Evans, L.E., Cross, T.J., Hawkins, J.P., Roberts, C.M., Stewart, B.D. (2015) Sessile and mobile components of a benthic ecosystem display mixed trends within a temperate marine reserve. Marine Environmental Research 107: 8-23

Howarth, L.M., Wood, H.L., Turner, A.P., Beukers-Stewart, B.D. (2011) Complex habitat boosts scallop recruitment in a fully protected
marine reserve. Marine Biology 158:1767–1780