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Dr Jan Geert Hiddink

Dr Jan Geert Hiddink


Bangor University


Benthic ecology

Jan Geert Hiddink is a marine ecologist with extensive expertise in measuring and modelling the response of benthic communities to disturbance and modelling recovery trajectories for these organisms. His research is focussed on gaining a quantitative understanding of the effect of disturbance (such as exploitation and climate change) on the biodiversity and functioning of marine benthic communities, and on how such effects can be mitigated. This research includes the effects of MPAs on the communities of benthic invertebrates and fish.

Selected Publications

Lambert, G. I., Jennings, S., Kaiser, M. J., Davies, T. W. & Hiddink, J. G. (In press) Quantifying recovery rates and resilience of seabed habitats impacted by bottom fishing. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Hiddink, J. G. & Ter Hofstede, R. (2008) Climate induced increases in species richness of marine fishes. Global Change Biology, 14, 453–460.

Hiddink, J. G., Davies, T. W., Perkins, M., Machairopoulou, M. & Neill, S. P. (2009) Context dependency of relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning is different for multiple ecosystem functions. Oikos, 118, 1892-1900.

Rice, J., Arvanitidis, C., Borja, A., Frid, C., Hiddink, J. G., Krause, J., Lorance, P., Ragnarsson, S. Á., Sköld, M., Trabucco, B., Enserink, L. & Norkko, A. (2012) Indicators for Sea-Floor Integrity under the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Ecological indicators, 12, 174–184.

Hiddink, J. G., Jennings, S., Kaiser, M. J., Queirós, A. M., Duplisea, D. E. & Piet, G. J. (2006) Cumulative impacts of seabed trawl disturbance on benthic biomass, production and species richness in different habitats. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 63, 721-736.

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