Danny Barrios-O'Neill

Danny Barrios-O'Neill

Queen’s University, Belfast

I am an aquatic ecologist based at Queen’s University, Belfast. My background is in marine environmental monitoring of benthic infauna and phytoplankton assemblages as part of various legislative commitments in the UK. My current research focusses on resolving consumer-resource interactions in aquatic systems using a combination of simulation modelling, laboratory manipulations and field-based methods. I am particularly interested in how biotic and environmental factors modulate interactions to alter the outcomes of predator-prey population dynamics.

Selected Publications

Barrios-O’Neill, D., Dick, J. T. A., Emmerson, M. C., Ricciardi, A., & MacIsaac, H. J. (2014). Predator-free space, functional responses and biological invasions. Functional Ecology, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2435.12347

Barrios-O’Neill, D., Dick, J. T. A., Emmerson, M. C., Ricciardi, A., MacIsaac, H. J., Alexander, M. E., & Bovy, H. C. (2014). Fortune favours the bold: a higher predator reduces the impact of a native but not an invasive intermediate predator. The Journal of Animal Ecology, 83, 693–701.

Barrios-O’Neill, D., Dick, J. T. A., Ricciardi, A., MacIsaac, H. J., & Emmerson, M. C. (2014). Deep impact: in situ functional responses reveal context-dependent interactions between vertically migrating invasive and native mesopredators and shared prey. Freshwater Biology, 59(10), 2194–2203.

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