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Stefanie Broszeit

Stefanie Broszeit


Plymouth Marine Laboratory


Ecosystem Services

I am a marine ecologist having studied in Plymouth and Bremen, Germany to BSc and MSc level respectively. After some time working as a technician and doing ecological surveys in the intertidal of Ireland, I did a PhD at Lough Hyne, Ireland on spatial and temporal patterns of soft sediment communities affected by strongly variable current regimes and seasonal hypoxia. A post-doc position led me to the University of Bologna, where I worked on the effects of artificial structures on marine benthic assemblages in the Italian Adriatic.
Now I am an ecosystem services researcher in the Sea and Society group of PML. I aim to decipher how ecosystems function and translate into services that benefit humans. To understand the links between ecosystems, their functions and their services to humans is difficult yet indispensable if we wish to predict how human interactions with the marine environment may change the services we rely on.

Activities within MERP:
MERP is an exciting project for me, as I get to interact with all other scientists in the consortium in order to get a broad and thorough understanding of the marine ecosystems around the UK. I am using the knowledge we have access to within the project and outside to translate them into ecosystem services. I am starting with conceptual models that help me see what data I need. Working closely with empirical and modelling scientists within the consortium I can then access such data to understand the ecosystems and the services they provide. In the next step, I will then predict how new management measures or changes to the ecosystem such as climate change can change the quantity and quality of the ecosystem services provided to us.